Solatube and Solar Star (Attic fans) Installation Services

We specialize in the installation of Solatube Daylighting Skylights and Solar-Powered Attic Fans.

Daylighting Systems and attic fans are an environmentally conscious way to update your home or business.

D.R. Martineau Roofing is all about innovation and the next big thing when it comes to renovating homes and commercial spaces, which is why we have been a Solatube dealer since 2014. Not to mention, our team has the skills and years of experience to give you peace of mind that your skylights and attic fans will be installed properly by a licensed roofing contractor.

If you are tired of wasting electricity, have a lack of natural light, or are simply remodeling your home or business and want unique custom designs, we can help!

What are Daylighting Solatube Systems?

Solatube’s innovative daylighting systems give you the opportunity to bring natural light into your home or commercial space.

These tubular skylights have the power to convert dark spaces into welcoming and well-lit places. Solatube Daylighting Systems are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and direct them into your home. With the Raybender 3000 technology and light tracker reflector, redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture, provides consistent daylighting throughout the day and rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight.

These skylights result is brighter, more colorful rooms that cost nothing to light. Furthermore, because installation of these skylights can usually be done in a few hours with no structural changes, it’s the fastest and most straightforward solution to a more beautiful home or commercial space.

Checkout the Before & After Solatube Transformation

Solatube Skylights | DR Martineau Roofing Company | Residential Roofing & Commercial RoofingSolatube Skylights | DR Martineau Roofing Company | Residential Roofing & Commercial Roofing

Benefits of Daylighting Skylights

Solatube Skylights | D.R. Martineau Roofing Company

Brighter Rooms

Solatube Skylights - Energy Saver | D.R. Martineau Roofing Company

Lower Electricity Bill

Solatube Skylights | D.R. Martineau Roofing Company

Stylish Designs

Steps to Customize Solatube Daylighting Skylights

The D.R. Martineau Roofing team makes choosing the right tubular daylighting skylight configurations for your home or business as simple and enjoyable as possible.

If you need a hand in choosing what skylights are right for you, you can set up an appointment with one of our design consultants. They will assess your space’s lighting and provide their expert recommendations and assistance.

From daylighting systems with dimming capabilities, to ones that integrate a solar-powered nightlight; we have all the functionality options you could need.

A small daylighting system can get the job done for a compact space, while a large living room or kitchen deserves the ample natural light a more extensive daylighting system provides.
  • 10” Solatube covers approx. 200 Sq. Ft with light. 10” Solatube is best for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and hallways.
  • 14” Solatube covers approx. 300 Sq. Ft with light. 14” Solatube is best for kitchen, living rooms, and larger rooms.

Solatube offers more styles of decorative fixtures than any other manufacturers; you’ll be sure to find one that suits your home or businesses decor beautifully.

Once you have decided what fixtures you want, we will provide an estimate, and upon approval schedule to install your new Solatube lighting.