Free Roof Evaluations and Estimates for Roof Replacement

Our homes are one of our biggest investments.

One of the most critical parts of protecting our homes is making sure our roofs are in good condition.

We provide free roof evaluations and estimates for roof replacement upon request.

What Materials Work Best During a Roof Replacement?

  • If you have a shingle roof, you can replace it with shingles or metal.

  • To go from a shingle roof to a tile roof, you need to have your roof engineered to handle the extra weight of a tile roof.

  • If you have a tile roof, you can get any kind of roof you want.

  • If you have a metal roof, you can go with a shingle roof or another metal roof but not a tile roof unless your home formerly had a tile roof.

Important Things to Think about when Getting a Roof Replacement


Are your gutters old?

Taking gutters down and putting them back up can dent or damage them depending on how they are fastened.

If they are old, they should be removed and replaced. However, if you want to keep them, we may need to remove or loosen them to replace the drip edge and any rotted fascia.

Soffit and Fascia

Our soffit and fascias are designed to complement your rafters and provide added energy efficiency.

What is a soffit? A fascia?

In simple terms, the definition of fascia is a flat band that goes around the roofing surface right under your rooftop. Fascias wrap around the roof surface that is perpendicular to the earth. A soffit is installed in the under-side of the rafters/overhang. Soffit and soffit vent is a critical part of your home’s ventilation plan. From moderating temperature extremes to controlling moisture in attic spaces, soffits and vent soffits make your home comfortable by venting moisture. They also provide a clean, finished look to the underside of your eaves. Fascia provides maintenance-free protection to the edge of your roof between the shingles and the soffit. Available in matching or coordinating colors, we bring it all together, beautifully.


We offer discounts on Solatubes for our re-roof customers.

If you are thinking about having a Solatube installed, the best time to install it is when your roof has been torn off and is being dried in.

If you have skylights or Solatubes, this is an excellent time to think about replacing them, if they are not hurricane compliant.


It's time to reflash

Fireplaces are another item to be considered.

Fireplaces will need to be re-flashed, and if your chimney cap is not in good condition, it should be replaced.

Satellite Dishes or Solar Panels

If you have a satellite dish or solar panels on your roof, these need to be removed before tear-off.

If we remove your satellite dish, you could be without tv for several days until your provider can come and re-install it.

The best thing is to have it moved off of your roof and attached to the side of your home with an arm prior to tear off. There will be no interruption of services if this is done.

If you have solar panels or satellite dishes you are no longer using, we can remove and dispose of them. If you want to save your solar panels, we recommend having a professional remove them and then reinstall them once your project is complete.

Roof Replacement Process and Timeline

Preparing for
Roof Replacement